Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Argentine Visual Arts in Toronto, Glendon Campus May 24 - May 31

To celebrate Argentina's National Day, the General Consulate of Argentina invited eight Argentine artists to exhibit at the Glendon Campus of the University of York. The opening reception took place on May 24th and the show continues until May 30th. Artists and guests enjoyed the wine and cheese buffet offered by the Consul General Mr. Hector Dellepiane and Deputy Consul Mr. German Dominguez. I would like to acknowledge the work of Maria Laura Ledesma and Maria Lujan Viñas for their impeccable work in putting together the details for this exhibit.
It was a great honour to be included in this show, as well as a great opportunity to meet Argentine artists living in Toronto. My gratitude to friends and collectors that have attended.
Inner Strength 30" x 30" acrylic
                                                                      Soaring High 30" x 30" acrylic

Consul General of Argentina
Mr. Hector Dellepiane 

Deputy Consul of Argentina Mr.German Dominguez, Consul General Mr. H. Dellepiane and Argentine artists 
Family and friends