Wednesday, December 30, 2020

"Fall- Once Again"... also finds a new home

Fall- Once Again is a 42" x 48" acrylic painting on canvas. This time I have used a limited colour palette and knife technique. The new owner, a very loyal collector, commissioned this piece after seeing a small version in my studio done on paper (18" x 24" ). I find it difficult to part with some paintings. I would have loved to display Fall - Once Again in my own house... if I had enough walls. I am happy knowing that it is being enjoyed and appreciated in a new home.


Dean - Flying "V" finds a new home in 2020

 This mixed media painting, size 24"x 60" has been on my easel for a while with a ground of collage papers and abstracted classical guitars. I decided this year to honour some of the great rock guitarists  and their guitars. In that spirit I have included their names to my painting. My work was completed when, as the focal point, I added a Dean- Flying "V". I am happy to say that the painting has found a new home with a guitar collector and is hanging in his music room keeping company to a real Dean and other fine guitars.


Tuesday, December 29, 2020

In touch before the year end to give you an update...

This is my first blog for this year and I cannot blame the pandemic for that. I have been busy exploring techniques and trying them in my paintings. Zoom became the best way to be in touch with the Neilson Park Art Centre community since March and throught the year. Sharing the screen with other artists has been very valuable. This year goes on record as one of the most productive of the last five years for me. I have created a good amount of collage pieces, mono prints and combination of both, as well as acrylic paintings on canvas. I am committed to share them, in both this blog and on Instagram (@aliceberloni) in the next few days.

Wishing you all a healthy and peaceful 2021. Stay safe.