Friday, August 5, 2016

IMPACT 2016 Juried Show at NPCC, Toronto July 18th - August 15th, 2016



I started this series of mega cities with New York on my mind. This city fascinates me. The energy of New Yorkers, those that live within, commute to and from, and visitors alike feeds power and vibrance to this incredible city. After visiting Manhattan several times a year, I experienced the special drive for success that people pull for, to make it in a giant city. The red in my collages is intended to capture this very energy.

My painting, East Side Memories, captures the vibrant activity of day time and night life by the water at South Street Seaport while West Side Memories captures the green areas along the pedestrian trail on the Hudson River.

The destruction of the Twin Towers is represented by the ravished steel and concrete at the centre of the collage, contrasted by the cranes and construction of the several buildings that now call World Trade Centre home. To me, these cranes are representative of the people’s strength and courage in the face of fear and adversity.