Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Secreto de Verano (Summer Secret)

I was invited by Andrew Richard Designs, an upscale patio and garden furniture showroom located in Downtown Toronto, to participate as the guest artist for their event called SECRETO DE VERANO. The theme for this event is the city of Buenos Aires,its music, dance, food and wines....
I will be showing six paintings of my LA BOCA SERIES. This time I have decided to work on a large canvas (24"x 60") to show the Caminito Street in La Boca.

This neigbourhood of the old port of Buenos Aires was born at the end of the
1800's. Houses were built combining stucco and tin walls which give the area a distinctive character. This quarter was originally populated by italian fishermen that moved to Argentina from Northern Italy. They coloured their houses with left over paint they used on their fishing boats.

By the mid 1900's La Boca became a tourist attraction and to date remains one of the most visited districts of Buenos Aires.

Inspired by the colourful palette of La Boca, I have decided to honour Buenos Aires, my native city, by painting it my way.... With 12 paintings in the body of work, of which several were sold in my May exhibit, I have enjoyed this creative venture and satisfied with the end result.